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We explore funeral designs based on mobility in future cities, including facilities and mobility-based funeral culture for pets. Our projects offer new opportunities in the global society, providing innovative future death products.

We apply our innovative approach and creativity to every project, showcasing that death is another aspect of human life in the city.

Upcoming Projects

Nostone Tombstone Collective

This project can address the critical pain points of physical cemeteries using X.R and Ceramic 3D printing technology. It aims to solve the issue of abandoned tombstones.

Virtual Civic Cemetery

The Virtual Civic Cemetery suggests relocating physical graves to a virtual cemetery after a period of time to improve management of physical graveyards and urban planning. This approach preserves heritage and has religious implications.

Future Funeral Mobility

the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic has given rise to a new era of funeral ceremonies, and SIM Eternal Studio has boldly embraced this opportunity to redefine the way we honor and commemorate the lives of our loved ones. 

R.I.P | Roosevelt Island Project

The future floating city serves as a backdrop for these unique funeral ceremonies, providing a one-of-a-kind setting that reflects the ever-evolving nature of our society.

I was born for death exhibition

"I was born for death" is an online exhibition showcasing death-positive products, content, and artwork. It serves as an umbrella name for collaboration with creators, designers, artists, and creative technologists. This exhibition will be held regularly online.

Latest Projects

Death And The City Future Now Conference 2023


Underwater Cemetery Stortelling


Young Creator's Workshop


Funeral Mobility Concept Design



Innovation of a funeral viewing | 2013


Death Salon Event New York | 2016


Death Industry Market Research | 2019


3 days in Wales - Creators workshop | 2021


Underwater Cemetery Storytelling | 2021


Death Salon in Seoul | 2022


SIM Eternal Studio Revamping Project | 2022


DATC:FN Conference | 2023

Past Projects

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