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Project For Death And City




Sunday Project Sessions:

  • Time: Every Sunday, 12 PM - 3 PM EST

  • Format: Hybrid - Virtual Brainstorming & On-site Exploration (as per schedule)

  • Duration: Leading up to the conference on 3rd November 2024

Objective:To create an engaging and thought-provoking story for presentation at the "Death and the City: The Future Now" conference. The story will showcase our collective imagination of an eco-friendly, technologically advanced city built upon the submerged legacy of Roosevelt Island.

How Roosevelt Island Project Started

Project Vision:

As the world contends with the reality of rising sea levels, Roosevelt Island stands as a testament to resilience and innovation. Our project, "Atlantis Risen," envisions a future where what was once a vibrant neighborhood of New York City transforms into an underwater cemetery, serving as the foundation for a new cityscape that rises above the waters.

Project Context:

The narrative is set in a time when climate change has significantly altered the landscape. Roosevelt Island, a symbol of the past, is now submerged, memorializing the history it carries. Above it, a new architectural marvel is built, incorporating the ethos of sustainability and advanced technology, representing humanity's triumph over environmental adversity.

Project Creator: Paul Joseph J. Kang (

Pay homage to the submerged Roosevelt Island with a narrative that respects its history.

Underwater Elegy:

Design a city that rises above the waves, a beacon of hope and innovation.

Architectural Utopia:

Illustrate how the city exists in harmony with the surrounding waters and climate.

Environmental Symbiosis:

Envision the life of residents in this new city, their culture, and their interaction with the aquatic environment below.

Community and Culture:

Storytelling Goals


Members are invited to contribute their expertise in storytelling, environmental science, urban design, technology, and visual arts to create a multidimensional narrative.

Project Contribution:

We seek passionate individuals who are ready to commit their Sundays to a cause that intertwines creativity with critical environmental concerns. Your insights and expertise are invaluable in bringing "Atlantis Risen" to life.

Invitation to Collaborate:

Please express your intent to join this visionary project by [Insert RSVP Date], allowing us to prepare for our inaugural session.

Contact for Participation:

we will embark on a journey to redefine the narrative of cities in the face of climate change, creating a story that resonates with the urgency of now and the possibilities of tomorrow.

Build floating city with underwater cemetetery

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