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SIM Eternal Studio


Our Promise

SIM Eternal Studio stands steadfast, as navigators guiding society towards a future where death is not shrouded in mystery and fear, but is embraced, planned, and celebrated as an eternal continuation of the essence of life within the vibrant heartbeat of our cities.

Envisioning eternal continuation of life's essence through death and the city projects

Key driving factors for SIM Eternal Project

As we confront the realities of increased lifespans, growing populations, and a rise in single-person households, our traditional approaches to death and burial need thoughtful innovation.

Lengthening Lifespans


Climate change is reshaping our approach to cemetery design, maintenance and funeral ceremony, additionally, end-of-life practices, necessitating environmentally and in the view of urban planning conscious adaptations in burial traditions and funeral arrangements.

Climate Change


The integration of frontier technologies into our daily lives is revolutionizing various traditional practices, including funerals and commemoration ceremonies.  Here's how some of these advanced technologies might reshape funeral practices and mobility

Frontier Technologies


The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed forced a dramatic rethinking of public gatherings, with profound impacts on ceremonies that have held cultural and religious significance for millennia, including funerals. This disruption has highlighted the resilience and adaptability of human rituals in the face of unprecedented challenges.



The increasing sea level necessitates the development of a new approach to urban planning. This entails the exploration of alternative cities, such as floating and underwater cities. Additionally, it is crucial to devise novel forms of cemeteries and innovative funeral ceremonies as integral components of future city plans. All of these factors are of utmost importance, especially in densely populated areas.

Sea Level rising


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