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Annual Conference

Death and the city:

Future now 2024

New York

Cities are becoming the focal point for addressing the challenges of urbanization and climate change. With the majority of the global population living in cities and this number expected to rise, cities are facing issues such as rising sea levels, urban heat islands, and resource management. As a result, cities are reinventing themselves by integrating unrelated uses to create more space and address these challenges.

Redefining Death positive projects and Urban Futures: Cities as Crucial Battlegrounds for Tackling Urbanization and Climate Change

Conference & Exhibition

New city storytelling and future death-related facilities such as cemeteries and park cemeteries in response to climate change and rising sea levels


Funeral design based on mobility in future cities and Death-related facilities for pets beyond humans and funeral culture based on mobility


Design of future death products and services with new opportunities in global society


Speaker Application

If you have any questions to submit the application, Please, Contact us. 

Death and the city session

Future now Stage

Special Session

Upcoming Events: Future Cemetery Idea Contest

Stay tuned for the detailed plan about the contest!

Pilot conference 2023 in Seoul, South Korea

As a preliminary process, a conference was held in Korea in collaboration with the Korean Association of Culture Space Architecture and the Korean Association of Animal Funeral. 

The background for planning the pilot conference in Korea is that the most realistic models of future cities, such as the floating city project, are already underway in cooperation with Oceanix, UN Habitat, and Busan City. There are also various cases where Korean technology has been prominently used, such as in the prototype of the Lowline Park in New York.

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