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Project For Death And City


No stone TombStone

No Stone Tombstone Collective is at the forefront of innovation in the death care industry. Our group is dedicated to the modernization of funeral ceremonies and the redesign of cemeteries through cutting-edge technology. We aim to transform perceptions and practices surrounding death, making the final farewell a more personalized and meaningful experience.

Death Care Innovators

Tech companies  and creative technologists keen on pioneering within the death care industry

Market Expansion Seekers

Businesses interested in penetrating or expanding their presence in the death care market.

Creative Design Studios

Content creators looking to develop impactful, death-related media and presentations.

Regular virtual gatherings to discuss trends, share ideas, and foster collaboration.

Online Meetups

We organize pavilions at death expos to showcase innovative products and services.

Expo Pavillions

Extending our innovative approaches to other industries to broaden the impact and applicability of our solutions.

Cross-Industry Outreach

Presenting members’ projects and products at various industry exhibitions to garner attention and facilitate networking.

Exhibition Participation

Engaging in partnerships within and outside the collective to create pioneering solutions in death care.

Collaborative Projects

Marketing our unique solutions to a worldwide audience to influence and reshape the global death care landscape.

Global Promotion

What We Do

Join us This Joureny

Engage with a network of forward-thinking professionals committed to redefining the future of death care. Connect, collaborate, and create with No Stone Tombstone Collective to drive innovation and make a significant impact in the industry.

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