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I was born for death

I Was Born for Death, powered by SIM Eternal Studio, innovates at the intersection of art, memory, and technology. We curate and craft urns, memorial pieces, and digital services that celebrate life's legacy.

Our approach transforms the narrative around death into one of brightness, creativity, and global connection. 

Discover our exclusive collection designed to honor and remember. From elegantly crafted urns to personalized digital memorials, each piece and service is a tribute to the vibrancy of life.

Our Offerings

A gallery of featured urns, memorial pieces, and digital services, each with a brief description and link to learn more.

Curated Products

  • Join our mission to reshape memorialization. Whether you're a designer, artist, or technologist, we offer a platform for your creativity to impact lives and redefine legacies."

  • Call to Action: "Reach out to explore collaboration.

Collaborate with Us

Embracing Life's Eternal Journey with Creativity and Compassion

For Creators

We are inviting creators, designers, artists, videographers, and creative technologists to contribute to this unique brand. If you are passionate about reimagining the narrative of death through your creative hads, join us in this transformative journey.

"I Was Born for Death" is more than an product brand; it's a movement towards embracing and understanding the inevitability of death in a way that honors life. We are committed to creating a brand  where story about death are open, practical, and deeply respectful.

  • Show case Date: coming soon

  • Location: Online, accessible globally

Experience a journey of reflection, innovation, and profound respect for life and death. Whether you're an artist, a thinker, or someone who cherishes the complexity of human existence, "I Was Born for Death" welcomes you.

Join US

Welcome to "I Was Born for Death," an creative brand that redefines the boundaries between life and death through art and technology. 

Welcome to our brand

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