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Project For Death And City


What is Project for death and the city - future now

The project is organized around four main pillars.

The first, "Island City Storytelling," weaves a concrete narrative of visible and invisible urban elements around the concept of isolated cityscapes, with the hypothesis that rising sea levels due to climate change will transform current national and mega-cities into island cities made up of small communities. We are also working with a number of partners to create a specific narrative about how technology advancements in a future city of physically small communities will still require us to think continentally, to connect digitally, and to collaborate with other islands in areas where the productive power of a decentralized island city is specialized.

The second, 'X.R Cemeteries', is a unique exploration of the potential of extended reality applications for memorializing the deceased, which has moved beyond mere hypothesis to the development and delivery of a practical service, transforming current cemeteries while continuing to feed rich cases into island city storytelling.

The third pillar, 'Mobile Funerals', is a thought-provoking concept around the way funerals are conducted and experienced in the digital age.

The final pillar is a 'premium death brand' with the evocatively named 'I was born to die'.

To realize these ideas, Paul collaborated with a wide range of people, including creatives who brought artistic vision to the project, as well as business developers who provided critical strategic insights to navigate the project's path. Researchers were also part of the collaboration, lending their expertise to make the invisible concept visible and tangible.

and A pivotal element of SIM Eternal Studio's initiative is its annual conference, "Death and the City: Future Now." This event gathers thought leaders, innovators, and professionals from various fields to discuss and explore the future of death in urban environments.

Project for Death and the City: Future Now explores the future of cities and human experiences in the context of climate change and technological advancements.

It focuses on four main pillars: the transformation of cities into isolated island city due to rising sea levels, the use of extended reality for memorializing the deceased, the concept of mobility based funerals in the digital age, and the creation of a 'premium death brand'. The project involves collaboration with creatives, business developers, and researchers, and includes an annual conference gathering thought leaders and professionals to discuss these topics.

The conference serves as a platform for sharing ideas, latest research findings, and innovative solutions that address the challenges of integrating death into the urban landscape. It not only reinforces SIM Eternal Studio's role as a thought leader in the field but also fosters collaboration and networking, driving forward the conversation on sustainable, respectful, and innovative approaches to death and memorialization in the city of the future.

SIM Eternal Studio stands at the forefront of redefining the intersection between urban living and the inevitable journey of life towards death. As a visionary project builder, it leverages collaborations across art, culture, and industry, bringing together a diverse array of professionals from around the globe. At the heart of its mission is the integration of innovative approaches to memorialization and urban design, addressing the underexplored nexus of death within future cities. Through practical business design, SIM Eternal Studio aims to not only confront but also creatively solve the challenges posed by mortality in urban environments.

This significant initiative intertwines a narrative with a real project, challenging our perceptions of various city types affected by climate change and rising sea level. It also deeply engages with the human condition, as the view of the future already exists.

The idea for SIM Eternal Studio began in South Korea in 2013 by Paul J. Kang, who wanted to convey to the public that death is not the end. However, it wasn't until 2015 when he moved to New York City that the current direction and activities began in earnest.

That's when the concept of conceptual design of cemeteries and death-related products in urban spaces, projects to change perceptions in urban design where people live, and campaign approaches began to take shape.

The name SIM Eternal is derived from the Korean word '心' (Sim), which means 'human heart' not only in Korea but also in Japan and China, and combined with 'Eternal', which means 'eternal', it refers to the idea that even if a person's body disappears, their mind and soul are eternal. In recent years, advances in various devices and technologies have made it possible for digital content created while a person is alive to exist forever, even after their body dies.

It is also important to note that we chose the organizational form of 'studio' because digital content can expand the meaning of eternity in that it serves to interact with living humans through cutting-edge technology and has a great impact on human life and society as a whole, and it expresses the concept of expansion in various ways.

SIM Eternal Studio

The city and death, interrelated as themes

Human lives have been influenced by their memories and other living human beings, sometimes as memories and sometimes as social factors that cause personal change. In this sense, death is not the end of the individual, but can also actively intervene in or influence the lives of living humans by utilizing digital content created during their lifetime. We also look beyond the impact of human death on individual lives to how it affects the city as a place to live within a community and social perspective, and how it relates to green energy, climate change, and the future of work.

The method of SIM Eternal Studio

Generally, an industrial approach to death is easily thought of in terms of death care or well dying. However, SIM Eternal Studio's approach to the future of death is a new method that combines the urban design aspect of a place where an unspecified number of people live with a personal approach to human life that has never been attempted before.

What is different

Meet The Team

Paul Joseph J. Kang

Founder & Project Creator

Paul operates SIM Eternal Studio, specializing in designing high-concept future cemeteries and planning funeral ceremonies for both humans and animals, with an emphasis on purpose-based mobility.

His expertise in death positive projects lies in future urban storytelling, particularly at the intersection of climate change and frontier technologies. Additionally, his studio hosts the annual conference "Death and the City: Future Now".

SIM Eternal Networks

What Sets Us Apart

SIM Eternal Networks will collaborate with a diverse range of partners, including our esteemed global creators, innovative creative technology experts, dedicated researchers, and renowned international companies from various corners of the world, in order to collectively brainstorm, develop, and execute a multitude of projects related to the concept of death


Academic Institute

The Korean Institute of Museum Architecture was founded in 1997 to study museums, but has since expanded its activities to include theater, libraries, and other cultural areas. As of 2023, it has grown into a leading academic organization in the field of cultural space research, with over 2800 members.

Pulse 9

A.I Graphic company

Pulse9 develops digital idol band with experience in working with industry giants like Intel and IBM. It specializes in leveraging AI and big data, globalizing and localizing digital content, and implementing practical solutions.

Hyundai Motors

Car maker

In the context of the mobile healthcare project, a robust partnership has been established to prioritize innovative urban solutions related to mobility.

BigC' Labs

Global Partnership Development

BigC' Labs (former Stepintocity, Inc.) operates as a premier talent management agency. and it has provides SIM Eternal studio quality connections with potential partners. 

Xesange Creative Lab

Conference Partner

It was creative labs by Intercom which is one of biggest convention organizers manage around 15 conferences around the globe.

Digital Bridges

Media Partner in Asia

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