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Nostone Tombstone Collectives

SIM Eternal Studio, Drops, 3D control, PULSE 9


Paul Joseph J. Kang & Seth Hillinger



First milestone Year

New York, London & Seoul


No Stone Tombstone Collective is a global collaboration addressing modern cemetery issues such as lack of burial space, neglected headstones, and decreasing visitors. They offer scalable solutions for individual and mass memorials, introduce new fundraising strategies for cemetery maintenance, and aim to create sustainable, accessible memory sanctuaries. Their goal is to transform cemeteries into places of solace and reflection, preserving the legacy of the departed while planning for the future of memorial practices.


Mission Statement:

No Stone Tombstone Collective

At No Stone Tombstone Collective, our mission is to reimagine and revitalize the sacred tradition of memorialization in the face of modern challenges. We are an international collective of creators, creative technologists, designers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and architects united by a commitment to innovative and sustainable solutions for the future of cemeteries. Recognizing the critical issues of limited burial space, neglected headstones, and decreasing cemetery visits, we leverage cutting-edge technology and service design to offer respectful, scalable, and personalized memorialization.

Our approach transcends traditional boundaries, adapting to the nuances of individual memories in park cemeteries and extending to honor those lost en masse to wars, disasters, or epidemics. We preserve and celebrate every life, ensuring that no memory is lost to time or circumstance.

Through novel fundraising and community engagement, we seek not only to maintain but to enhance these sacred spaces, fostering communal solidarity and ensuring that the heritage of the departed is actively commemorated.


Our vision is to craft sanctuaries of memory that are sustainable, accessible, and intimate—spaces where solace and reflection meet respect for our history and a mindful approach to the commemorative practices of tomorrow. In doing so, we pledge to keep the legacy of each individual not just preserved, but cherished for generations to come.

Physical Representation: To maintain a physical presence and honor traditional practices, the project uses ceramic 3D-printed cubes as a tangible representation at the gravesite. These cubes, while significantly smaller than traditional tombstones, serve as a physical marker and a bridge between the virtual experience and the real world.


Accessing the Memorial: Each virtual tombstone is accessible via smartphones or other digital devices, using an app that employs augmented reality (AR) and other immersive technologies. Visitors to the cemetery can use the app to locate the gravesite and view the virtual tombstone through their device, creating an experience that's both modern and respectful.


Creation of a Virtual Memorial: When a family chooses Nostone Tombstone, they collaborate with our team to create a digital memorial. This process includes customizing the tombstone with pictures, videos, and messages that celebrate the life of the deceased.


Creative Technical Director

V.R, X.R and Metaverse

Cooper Yoo

SIM Eternal Studio

Paul Joseph J. Kang

Ceramic 3D Printer company

3D Controls


A.R Tech company

Seth Hillinger

NST Collectives

This project isn't just about using technology; it's about creating a space where memories can live on in a new, interactive way. It's about offering an option that conserves our natural resources and adapts to the changing needs of our society. Most of all, it's about respecting the legacy of our loved ones and the world we share with them.

What is matters?

Nostone Tombstone is not only for individuals; it's also a thoughtful solution for pet owners who want to memorialize their furry family members. This service acknowledges that grief is a universal experience, deserving of respect in all its forms.

Who can benefit?

Join us This Joureny

We invite you to explore a new frontier of remembrance, one where tradition and technology converge to create a lasting, loving testament to the ones who have left us, but are never forgotten. Welcome to the Nostone Tombstone experience.

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