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SIM Eternal Studio Attends Virtual Colloquium hosted by The Cemetery Research Group

SIM Eternal Studio, a leading studio specializing in future cemetery design, funeral culture and urban storytelling, recently attended the virtual colloquium organized by The Cemetery Research Group (Dr Julie Rugg UNIVERSITY OF YORK, UK)

The event, which took place on the 17th of November 2023, brought together speakers from around the globe to discuss various aspects of burial, cremation, and the cases of the current and the past cemeteries around the globe.

Recently, Paul and SIM Eternal Studio team had the opportunity to participate in the highly informative Virtual Colloquium, which expanded knowledge and provided him with valuable insights.

Through this event, Paul not only gained a deeper understanding of the subject, but also identified several critical challenges and issues that he believes will profoundly impact his future undertakings in the realm of cemetery design and addressing the complexities of death within urban areas.

One of the impressive presentations was delivered by Georgina Laragy, also from Trinity College, Dublin, discussed the burial of suicide in Ireland during the long 19th century. Her presentation examined the social and cultural responses to suicide and the role of the state in transforming burial practices. when it comes to the design of future cemetery, the details about the presentations of the cases of current and past cemetery is affecting the project by SIM Eternal Studio to make the plentiful imagination and storytelling, and how new technologies should be placed to solve the issues.

SIM Eternal Studio got their gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the colloquium and engage with experts in the field. The studio is committed to expanding the understanding of funeral culture in the UK and around the world through their interdisciplinary approach to cemetery research.

For more information about The Cemetery Research Group and their work,

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