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SIM Eternal Studio Joins Metropolitan Cemetery Association in New York

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

SIM Eternal Studio, a leading innovator in the field of funeral and cemetery services, is thrilled to announce its recent membership with the Metropolitan Cemetery Association in New York. This partnership marks a significant milestone for SIM Eternal Studio as it aims to contribute to the innovation and advancement of cemeteries in the New York Metropolitan area.

The Metropolitan Cemetery Association is dedicated to fostering the interests of individuals involved in the operation and maintenance of cemeteries in the region. With a strong focus on creating and upholding high ethical standards in cemetery administration, the association aims to promote mutual cooperation and provide various advantages to its members.

By joining forces with the Metropolitan Cemetery Association, SIM Eternal Studio is poised to bring new technologies and international connections to the innovation of cemeteries in New York. With their expertise and commitment to excellence, SIM Eternal Studio seeks to enhance the funeral and cemetery services industry, ensuring the highest standards of operation and providing meaningful and dignified final resting places for individuals and their loved ones.

"We are thrilled to become a part of the Metropolitan Cemetery Association and contribute to the advancement of cemetery services in the New York Metropolitan area," said Paul Joseph J. Kang, Founder at SIM Eternal Studio. "Through our membership, we aim to bring innovative solutions and collaborate with industry professionals to create exceptional experiences for families during times of loss and remembrance."

SIM Eternal Studio's dedication to innovation, coupled with its extensive experience in funeral and cemetery design, positions them as a valuable partner to the Metropolitan Cemetery Association. Together, they strive to uphold the association's mission and further elevate the standards of cemetery administration in the region.

For more information about SIM Eternal Studio and their commitment to cemetery innovation, please visit or contact Paul Joseph J. Kang at


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