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Project For Death And City


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPilot Conference on "The Future of Death" to Take Place in Seoul

Seoul, South Korea - 15th of September 2023

SIM Eternal Studio, in collaboration with partners from around the world, is excited to announce the planning of a pilot conference on the theme of "The Future of Death" in Seoul. This conference will serve as a preliminary event leading up to a global conference, exhibition, and workshop to be held in New York in 2024.

The decision to hold the pilot conference in Seoul was driven by several factors. South Korea has been at the forefront of innovative urban development projects, including the floating city project in cooperation with Oceanix, UN Habitat, and Busan City. Moreover, Korean technology has been instrumental in shaping future cities, as seen in the prototype of the Lowline Park in New York. By leveraging these achievements, the pilot conference aims to explore the potential of Korean funeral facilities and death-related industries, which have yet to be fully realized.

The conference in Seoul, titled "Death and the City: The Future Now Conference 2023," will bring together global creators, creative technology experts, researchers, and international companies. It will provide a platform to discuss topics such as new city storytelling, future death-related facilities, funeral design based on mobility, and the design of future death products and services. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in presentations, panel discussions, and open mic sessions, fostering valuable networking opportunities.

The successful pilot conference in Seoul will pave the way for the main conference in New York in 2024, where it is anticipated to become a major partner event. The insights and collaborations generated during the pilot conference will contribute to shaping the future of death and funeral culture worldwide.


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