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Project For Death And City


Death has been also a morden, massive, global industry | Recap presentation about Tanexpo 2024

TANEXPO 2024 in Bologna, Italy, highlights the often underestimated potential of the funeral industry. The biennial event is a global platform for the latest innovations in human and animal funeral services and cemetery products across three halls of Bologna Pierre, one of the world's leading exhibition centers. Tanexpo 2024 highlights the enormous economic potential of the death industry and its evolving nature as it becomes increasingly intertwined with technology and sustainability. The event provides a critical perspective on how the industry can grow and adapt to an ever-changing global environment. It emphasizes that it is a vibrant and dynamic industry that goes beyond the merely emotional.

The exhibition effectively highlighted the funeral industry as an important and evolving sector. With digital innovation, valuable human capital, strategic geographic location, and the involvement of various industries, the funeral industry is poised for significant growth and change. As we continue to reshape our understanding of and approach to death and memorialization, we'll explore some opportunities that may not have been on the radar in this World Talk.

The presentation Topic from Tanexpo

  • Recognition of funerals as an industry and opportunity

  • Digital transformation and technological advancements

  • Build bridges with European companies to U.S and Asian Market

  • Utilizing retired professionals And stay-at-home Parents from other industries as a workforce

  • U.S.A. markets as hubs for trade and innovation

  • The case for non-traditional companies to expand into the funeral sector

  • Introduction about Project for Death and the city

  • What's the next step

Recommended for

  • Companies with technology-based products and solutions but looking to expand into global and new markets

  • Companies in the global pet industry and their employees

  • Companies in the funeral industry who want to expand to global markets

  • Companies/entrepreneurs/professionals who are looking for new items to expand into global markets

  • Government and municipal officials looking for city-centered festivals, events and forums

Speaker bio : Paul J. Kang

- Paul J. Kang | Founder & Creator at Project for Death and the City (, a Chief Producer at Xesange creative lab in the intercom (( )

Born in South Korea and currently living in New York City, she works with institutions, corporations, and associations in the U.S. for global corporate collaborations and is the Chief Producer of World Creative Lab, a conference company in South Korea. He has explored the future of funerals and cemeteries with the Project for Death and the City for about 10 years. He has been involved in large and small death and city-related meetups, expos, and conferences worldwide every year.


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