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Project For Death And City


Cooper Yoo Appointed Partner at SIM Eternal Studio and Joins No Stone Tombstone Collective.

In a groundbreaking development, Cooper Sanghyun Yoo, an esteemed creative technical director, has been announced as the newest partner at SIM Eternal Studio. Additionally, he is bringing his expertise in extended reality to the No Stone Tombstone Collective to innovate the realm of modern cemeteries with advanced technologies like XR and the metaverse.

Yoo, a celebrated figure in the Seoul entertainment technology scene, carries an extensive background from interactive performances to significant roles in digital media and XR projects. His academic tenure at Seokyeong University as a professor and his diverse research in interactive and mixed realities underline his dedication to evolving the fusion of technology and human engagement.

His philosophical approach, inspired by the freedom-seeking pheasant described by Zhangzi, echoes in his life’s work and is evident in his diverse accomplishments and hobbies, ranging from notable film direction to appreciating the arts and exploring the world.

Yoo’s creative impact is recognized in various film festivals, including the notable works "The Boxer VR" and "Poison VR." He's poised to bring this creative vision to SIM Eternal Studio’s endeavors and the No Stone Tombstone Collective’s initiative to transform cemetery experiences.

This dual role signifies a stride towards integrating cultural respect with technological innovation, creating a poignant blend of remembrance and cutting-edge interaction.


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