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Our story

SIM Eternal Studio, the beginning

The idea for SIM Eternal Studio began in South Korea in 2013 by Paul J. Kang, who wanted to convey to the public that death is not the end. However, it wasn't until 2015 when he moved to New York City that the current direction and activities began in earnest.

That's when the concept of conceptual design of cemeteries and death-related products in urban spaces, projects to change perceptions in urban design where people live, and campaign approaches began to take shape.

The method of SIM Eternal Studio

Generally, an industrial approach to death is easily thought of in terms of death care or well dying. However, SIM Eternal Studio's approach to the future of death is a new method that combines the urban design aspect of a place where an unspecified number of people live with a personal approach to human life that has never been attempted before.

SIM Eternal Studio, the meaning of the name

The name SIM Eternal is derived from the Korean word '心' (Sim), which means 'human heart' not only in Korea but also in Japan and China, and combined with 'Eternal', which means 'eternal', it refers to the idea that even if a person's body disappears, their mind and soul are eternal. In recent years, advances in various devices and technologies have made it possible for digital content created while a person is alive to exist forever, even after their body dies.

It is also important to note that we chose the organizational form of 'studio' because digital content can expand the meaning of eternity in that it serves to interact with living humans through cutting-edge technology and has a great impact on human life and society as a whole, and it expresses the concept of expansion in various ways.

The city and death, interrelated as themes

Human lives have been influenced by their memories and other living human beings, sometimes as memories and sometimes as social factors that cause personal change. In this sense, death is not the end of the individual, but can also actively intervene in or influence the lives of living humans by utilizing digital content created during their lifetime. We also look beyond the impact of human death on individual lives to how it affects the city as a place to live within a community and social perspective, and how it relates to green energy, climate change, and the future of work.

Our Journey So Far



The initial concept emerged in south Korea organically, manifesting itself within my very being rather than through mere words, as if a divine calling from the depths of my mind and heart.



Sim Eternal has relocated to the vibrant city of New York. This move marks a significant seed of real chapter in our studio's journey, bringing fresh inspiration and opportunities for collaboration.



the concept of Sim Eternal took shape. As the loved ones gathered to pay their respects, a unique design of the coffin emerged—one that harbored an extraordinary ability to capture and preserve the essence of those who had passed


Public Speech at the BigĊ Conference

The founder of SIM Eternal Studio gave the speech about the first storytelling of Sim Eternal's innovative funeral ceremony and new coffin producet came to a close, inspiring others to redefine how we remember, cherish, and celebrate the lives that touch our own.


Death industry market research as an part of mobile clinic plan

As part of a groundbreaking mobile clinic development project with Hyundai Motors and a renowned lung cancer screening institution, and the end-of-life care program at Mount Sinai Hospital., Paul has conducted extensive research on the death industry market. 


Future Cemetery workshop with young creators

An immersive and transformative program designed with young creators and designers. Over the course of six months, they explored the uncharted territory of death and reshaping the perceptions of its meaning and impact.


Future of deaths table in Seoul, South Korea

Paul organized a intimate salon-style conference in Seoul, South Korea. This extraordinary gathering brought together a diverse group of visionaries, including creative technologists, company builders, web3 professionals, funeral directors, and even grandma YouTube influencers.


The alliance member of Digital Bridges Alliance in NYC.

A collective of forward-thinking organizations, united in their mission to bridge the gap between technology, creativity, and meaningful human experiences beyond the border




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